Full control of your process

It is not easy to manage a big amount of information! With FollowNet is VERY easy!

FollowNet manages information of all the biggest cargo agents in the world for more than 20 years. Follownet has already monitored more than 1 million import and export operations for companies of diverse fields and sizes. This service allows your company to have a complete control over the situation of your processes nationally and internationally.

You give and receive information automatically through the different links available and the service monitors and gives notice of all the deviations, generates key performance indicators (KPI), graphics in real-time (Dashboard), sends reports and documents, and manages and organizes everything automatically! And you can even design all the report models necessary to meet your needs and your customer’s.

Some differentials and benefits of this service that improve productivity:

  • Monitor information flow and alert of possible deviations;
  • Analyze problems in accordance with pre-established rules;
  • Generate custom made reports to each client;
  • Links with other customer’s services or systems;
  • Flexibility of use and configuration of resources;
  • Access through internet, tablets and mobile phones;
  • Input (updating FollowNet data) as well as output (sending data from FollowNet) links.

The service is flexible and allows the integration of different types of files (XLS, XML, CSV, TXT, among others) via FTP, Web service or e-mail.

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Graphs for real-time monitoring of your processes

Tracking information that’s really important, in real time, with amazing graphics and automatically updated on your monitor or TV (made available by e.Mix on lending), is really something that impresses and helps both you and your customers. This is all possible in a practical and quick way with the Dashboard service.

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